Saturday, November 15, 2008

playn Catch Up

OK dude I totally haven't bloggeg in like FOR-EV-ER!!! ( funny dude on sanlot) so something funny today.. My lip and my tounge tickle alot if i lick my lip of if my teeth scrape against it i can't help but laugh my butt off!! K i'm odd I TOTALY Know!! ok so i'm gonna put up some pics and stuff ... but I'm too lazy to like explain them .. Sorry!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

sailin away

so my family seems to be facinated with sail boats even though non of us have ever really had one ... so... my pops is building one... if you want to check it out here's his link it's coming along pretty well .. it's been almost a year so we shall see how much longer it takes...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Beachin... Part 2 ... yet again...

tradition of Texas Summers Me and my local Hommies hit the beach once again ... we went to Port Aransas and camped again...

This is the reason I go to the beach... pretty huh? That black thing is the sun !! I love this pic...

Group PIC
Landon, Vic,Chris, Kate,ME!,Nic,Nic's bro , Dan, andRob

Johnny and His Girl Kirstin

Me Cevera and Landon ... I look Goofy I know .. But look how long my hair looks!! :-)

Dog PILE!!!!

AAW the Love bugs.. Rob and Daniele ... cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this time we were allowed to have a fire on the beach so we rosted Marshmallows!!

Landon with his marshmallow .. yuuumm
It was all in all a fun trip .. Cevera and Chris ended up with Tickets for parking on the beach and Chris had to take a Breathalizer cause the cop thought he was drunk !! They were Chick cops and were on a serious power trip... other than that it was just a lot of chillin and talking and swiming .. it was fun!! :-)

Pregnate (aka Erica) and my baby girl cora chillin on the couch .. She looks so much like baby Judy ..

This is my baby boy Jay-fus he came to visit me in July..

This is the Invite i'll be sending out for the Bridal Fair i'm doing ... I'd love some feedback on it..

Monday, July 7, 2008

More pics and stories

So I haven't blogged in a while so ... this is what i've been up to..

So kyrra decided to totally bleach her hair and dye the tips RED! with one green streak in the back .. AND HAD ME DO IT!!! it's mostly faided now!! she looked SUPER HOT!!

this is my Alien searching Newphew Ross hanging out at aunt Claudia's house when he came to visit for like a week.

this is my aunt claudia's SUPER FAT CAT!! Her name is Athena and she is OOBER lazy!

aaw Grandma rockn' baby ZOE ... from the looks of it grandma is regreting buying me a camera for my birthday !!!

this is the cutest baby EVER!! well with the exception of all my other babies!! Don't tell her daddy i put the price tag on her head!! :-)

This is My girl Nicci and me ... I love this pic.. it's so RANDOM and such is our lives!! :-)

Friday, May 16, 2008


PhotobucketSo we had the chance to go to the beach on May 9th - 10th it was a BLAST! we camped out on the beach with a few friends. It was a beautiful night so we went for a swim and then hung out at the tent.. With in the 1st hour Curtis (curt) cut his foot on some unknown object. We didn't have any proper bandages so he got orange duck tape!

Mike pulled out the glow in the dark frisbee.. we used headlights to charge it up!Photobucket

We then had a little dinner and took a walk to the Pier.

you had to pay to go on it Photobucketso we all just headed back..
Hanging out and talking was getting a little boring for me so as always.. I talked everyone into playing Truth or dare .. It was super fun! we ended up doing some funny/ crazy stuff..


Then one by one the peeps went to bed.. I of course wasn't bored yet so we played cards in Mike and Curtis's tent! Until around 3:30 am ( maybe later) and then they were all falling asleep so Sara and I took off and went back to the girls tent.

In the morning Kristen gets up and enjoys a peaceful reading on the beach! :-)


Then we all just hung around and talked as we ate breakfast..

We had some Dough nuts for breakfast, The EVIL Seagulls decided to attack us and out food. they took a 3 doughnuts out of Sara's hand.. poor girl...


Kris and I went to go swim again while Landon tried to crack open the coconut that he found on the beach.

When he opened it it was rotten and smelt terrible..

then it was time to clean up! And go home!!!!!!!! SAD!!!!!!!!!!!


there was time for a group pic!



On the way out of town we all stopped at DQ to get some lunch to eat!! YUUMMIE!!


Text ColorPhotobucket

And that was my trip to the beach!! If was way fun.. maybe even more fun than the trip before! I think I will be making thins a yearly thing if not more often!!


Friday, May 2, 2008

pics and all

2008 Wooohoo...

Debbie Lindsay John Me Nicci Cindy Mike
(me and Nicci)

This was New Years Eve at the Romriels house!! Fun night yo' .. someone lit the field on fire and I almost blew up a car so.. yea awesome day!!

( me and Nicci Johnston)

Ms. Zoe Bu-Boie.... ( cute huh?)

Mormon Paintballin'
branch activity
April 26, 2008

back: John, Chris, Emily, Will, Alex, Zach
Front : (oops i forgot her name ) Me, Jackee

man don't we all look like such Balla's??

This was an AWESOME day.. I got hit just once on my hand and once on my leg. I also only got one person out.. but it was still way fun yo!!

MR. Patterson getting his head shaved cause
the school raised over 2 k for Relay for Life..
Way to go BARTON!!!!

This was the Annual (and our last ) Oak Hills Stake BBQ and dance.. we were primpin in the bathroom.

Check out more pics on my slideshow

Monday, April 7, 2008


Alright I know its been forever since i have written anything on here.. So a few things have changed.. I still work for americorps but I also sub. I like doing it a Lot .. I , with my kid sister ( and if i could just convince erica her too) have started a Wedding Coordnating business. We are just starting out .. I'm pretty excited.. lets see what else? nothing really... I just work and then go home and work on business stuff.. Today I am subbing for a Debate class.. its really boring which is why i am on here... I'm just listening to Ella on the radio while they all work on their projects. I'm trying to find a day job for this summer cause I can't do either jobs come summer. it will be nice to know what money is once agian. .. anyway kids are getting roudy better go...