Saturday, September 13, 2008

Beachin... Part 2 ... yet again...

tradition of Texas Summers Me and my local Hommies hit the beach once again ... we went to Port Aransas and camped again...

This is the reason I go to the beach... pretty huh? That black thing is the sun !! I love this pic...

Group PIC
Landon, Vic,Chris, Kate,ME!,Nic,Nic's bro , Dan, andRob

Johnny and His Girl Kirstin

Me Cevera and Landon ... I look Goofy I know .. But look how long my hair looks!! :-)

Dog PILE!!!!

AAW the Love bugs.. Rob and Daniele ... cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this time we were allowed to have a fire on the beach so we rosted Marshmallows!!

Landon with his marshmallow .. yuuumm
It was all in all a fun trip .. Cevera and Chris ended up with Tickets for parking on the beach and Chris had to take a Breathalizer cause the cop thought he was drunk !! They were Chick cops and were on a serious power trip... other than that it was just a lot of chillin and talking and swiming .. it was fun!! :-)