Monday, July 7, 2008

More pics and stories

So I haven't blogged in a while so ... this is what i've been up to..

So kyrra decided to totally bleach her hair and dye the tips RED! with one green streak in the back .. AND HAD ME DO IT!!! it's mostly faided now!! she looked SUPER HOT!!

this is my Alien searching Newphew Ross hanging out at aunt Claudia's house when he came to visit for like a week.

this is my aunt claudia's SUPER FAT CAT!! Her name is Athena and she is OOBER lazy!

aaw Grandma rockn' baby ZOE ... from the looks of it grandma is regreting buying me a camera for my birthday !!!

this is the cutest baby EVER!! well with the exception of all my other babies!! Don't tell her daddy i put the price tag on her head!! :-)

This is My girl Nicci and me ... I love this pic.. it's so RANDOM and such is our lives!! :-)